Interview with Robert O’Sullivan on William Blake

KCIW radio host Lee Tuley interviews Robert O’Sullivan about the life and works of William Blake.

Robert “Silky” O’Sullivan, a longtime resident of the Oakland/Berkeley area, has retired to a beautiful garden home in Brookings on the Oregon coast. He is mourning the death of his wife of over 51 years, Alice Wildermuth O’Sullivan, in April 2020. She had distinguished careers as a musician and attorney. Hear many examples of her musical gifts on the Alice Wildermuth O’Sullivan YouTube channel. Three German Shepherds help to keep him appreciating the wonders of creation and are comforts during these days of loss.

After many career involvements (including politics and media, high school teaching and pastoring), he has discovered a new vocation as a “Left Coast” poet and writer, deeply influenced by William Blake and Dag Hammarskjold, who both embodied brilliant Christian visions while working in remarkable ways for justice and peace. O’Sullivan’s new words to Christmas carols and other hymns, incorporating peace and justice themes, and a Blake-inspired “unofficial international anthem” have been published on, along with civil rights and other writings.

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