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Is That Story True?

Explores the kinds of truth that live within the stories we tell.

Every night before bed, Maggie and Mommy read stories together. Maggie chooses a book and then finds Neville, her stuffed ostrich. They make a cozy nest on Mommy s lap and snuggle together under a favourite quilt. And every night, Maggie asks the same question…

In words and images sure to delight children and adults alike, Is That Story True? explores the kinds of truth that live within the stories we tell.

As Maggie listens to a story about a little girl who grew up on the prairies, about a ruler who cut a knot in two, about a shepherd who went looking for a lost sheep, about a king who made a foolish wish, and finally, about a giant who lived in a beautiful garden, she discovers that some stories are true because they actually happened. Other stories are true because they tell us something true about a real person, place, or event, even if what they describe did not happen. And some stories are true even if they are completely made up because they tell us something true about our own experiences.

As Maggie tells Mommy, I think that some stories are true on the inside, even if they are not true on the outside.

Delightfully illustrated in full colour, Is That Story True? is great for reading

one-on-one with your child
with church school classes
during Children s Time in worship
with adult study groups*

* Note: Not just for children, this book is a useful tool for clergy and lay leaders to help adult learners distinguish between literal and metaphorical truth.

is that story true

Editorial Reviews

This charming book makes the point that stories, including biblical stories, can be true whether they happened or not.
Dr. Marcus Borg, author of The Heart of Christianity.

This beguiling story pushes us to ask of ourselves, “What do we consider to be true?”
Dorothy Henderson, author of Learning God’s Stories Together

An engaging story through which Laura Alary breaks the mindset that a story must be assessed as either true or false.
Susan Burt, Coordinating Editor of Seasons of the Spirit

In a world of increasing polarization, this is a message all of us need to hear from an early age.
Marilyn Perry, Editor of The Best of Whole People of God Online

Review & Commentary