It’s Worth It: How to Talk To Your Right-Wing Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors

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You have Right-Wing relatives and friends. Sometimes you feel isolated because you believe you must keep your thoughts to yourself. After-all, you are just not up for another fight.

It does not matter how Progressive or Lefty you are. One can have a very enjoyable conversation with the most Right-Wing of relatives or friends. It is all about the approach.

Over several years of being an activist, a radio host, a blogger, and a writer, I have interfaced in a positive manner with everyone of all stripes. That taught me how best to engage in a positive and non-confrontational manner. It means it has allowed conversations and exchanges that otherwise would not occur because one could not get passed one’s defensive walls.

This book explains what I have discovered about engaging with the Right. We all have friends and relatives where we may think the relationship is over. But if we simply find the entry point of commonality, which believe it or not, there are many, the conversation will begin. 100% agreement is never necessary. Dialogue is.

I have used my techniques now for over a decade. I give various real-life examples and stories that I am sure you can use as well. I can tell you that my Right-Wing friends now seek me out for coffee and meaningful conversations.


“A very useful and timely read. The point isn’t to change people’s mind or party but rather that they vote in their own interest. I have listened to Egberto for many years and he has always been very fair to his listeners regardless of their political views and often uncompromising nature. He has been able to not only talk to them but honestly listen and engage. It would often end in a respectful discussion and, while not always changing their minds, the seeds were planted for understanding. The point isn’t to change people’s mind or party but rather that they vote in their own interest. Sometimes the rhetoric clouds that. The book is well written and easily understood. You can skip to a chapter that concerns you on a specific issue if that is what you need at that time. I would recommend reading the whole book though as it covers so many current issues for all of us regardless of political leaning. Some things are of concern to us all.” – Linda E.

“How to engage people of widely diverse perspectives into mutually beneficial conversation. I like his genuine compassion for all people including those who are bigoted. His own story of having to forge friendships among people who are unaccepting of him gives us clues on how to do the same. He shows us how to first of all listen carefully to the other person and find common ground. He also shows the reader how important are humility and a sense of humor. He is eloquent and kind in all communication.” –Mike Huntington MD

“Egberto speaks from a wellspring of hope and humanity. Let me provide an extract:
“The reason we must open the lines of communication is so we can get that message accross” (Progressives …are fighting for things to make lives better for us all). ” He has a healthy dose of conspiracy thinking backed up by his illustration of history and results, and follows this with “There are powers that must have us at each others throats to prevent us from realizing that for most part we all want similar things.” It is a welcome resource that has ample examples and facts for those Progressives who have the opportunity to speak to Republicans, and for Republicans who want to prepare and contrast the facts they have with the facts that are outside their chosen information bubble. Thanks Egberto for being an example and being willing to really listen to all points of view.” -Norman


Egberto Willies is a political activist, author, blogger, radio show host, business owner, software developer, web designer, and mechanical engineer. He’s a Progressive whose favorite phrase is “political involvement should be a requirement for citizenship.” Visit his website here.

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