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Jesus Meets John at the Jordan

Wash me in the river

Dry me on the shore

Do this for me, cousin

As you did for those before


A bird skims over Jordan

A fish is in its beak

Yet it looks as if it’s waiting

For the moment that I seek


Each person you have baptized

Has cleared the way for me

Wash my body, cousin

Shy not away from me


Dip me in the water

Warm me in the sun

Make the presentation

Of my life for everyone


Confront me in reflection

Of my flesh in Jordan’s flow

Lift me to my purpose

From the currents there below


I love you, my dear cousin,

Let not your awe prevent

The ultimate expression

Of your ultimate intent


The time has come to reckon

For the greatest sin of all

The world that God created,

He set up for its Fall.


Baptize God!  I beg you

As flesh in God’s own name

As you have served the others

I ask of you the same


God repents before you!

Announce salvation’s day

Accept the Lord’s confession

And wash my sins away….



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