John Shelby Spong: Re-Casting the Christ Story- VIDEO


Published on Jul 9, 2012

Bishop John Shelby Spong’s message might alienate certain types of believers–namely, biblical literalists. But he stands strong in his analysis of the Bible as a symbolic work and calls Christ’s followers today to recognize their teacher as a “boundary-breaker,” not a “blood offering.” This lecture ended Spong’s weeklong lecture on “Re-Claiming the Bible in a Non-Religious World” in Chautauqua, NY.

Read Mary Desmond’s recap for The Chautauquan Daily here:

Review & Commentary

  • Bob Scott

    Thank You, Dr. Spong! I have been inspired by every response you have written. Thank You for allowing me to regain pride in my upbringing in the Church of Christ an at the same time show me the way out of the cage. I will watch for your next appearance anywhere near Northwest Arkansas and both my wife and I enjoyed your Springfield MO lectures.

    Bob Scott
    Rogers AR

    PS I have learned more about myself and my philosophy this past year from you than I have leaned the first 79 years. I can’t begin to tell you how much your lessons and books have meant to me.

  • myron c boice

    Don’t cast your demons on me. “Methinks he dost protest too much.”