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Join Us In Bringing a New Christianity to the World

Another year is drawing to a close!  I find myself reflecting over this past year and am proud of what we have accomplished here at The Center for Progressive Christianity.

The crowning jewel of 2010 is, of course, the release of our Children’s curriculum – A Joyful Path.  The feedback from churches, groups, and individuals using it has been overwhelming!   One woman from Placerville, California told me the following story:

“I incorporated your ‘Fairies, Worms, and Snails’ lesson plan into my time with the children yesterday.  They enjoyed the story of Teisha and her animal friends while they made their own artistic creations, and they were very willing to participate in the discussion questions.  Later in the day, while my own young children were visiting another child from the class, the three found a big, scary spider in the bathtub.  They chose, because of your story, to relocate the spider instead of killing it!  I have been teaching children for many, many years and I have found most faith curriculum to be condescending, stifling, and controlled.  Joyful Path is different.  It’s loving, smart, uplifting, and inspiring.  Great work! Thanks.”

Stories like this remind me of why we’re here. They remind us of why we continue to do what we do.

Through the curriculum that you’ve helped us create this year, children everywhere are developing a more compassionate outlook on the world around them!  And isn’t that just what this next generation is going to need to solve the problems they will face?  Please consider a gift today to help us continue this good work as we aim to bring progressive, inclusive, spiritual curriculum and resources to all ages.

kids around earth The world needs a more compassionate Christianity.

I believe that Christianity must continue to change if it is going to survive at all!  The Center for Progressive Christianity is at the forefront of this change – We don’t want to build a movement just for the sake of building a movement.  We are driven by a passionate commitment to nurture in others a deeply felt sense of connectedness with the life around them.  We know you feel the same! — Would you consider a year-end donation to help us change the face of Christianity for generations to come?

I listen to my granddaughter laughing downstairs as I write this and I want to leave a world for her where people can transcend their greed and power-lust.  Where they can deeply connect with each other and live out their faith, not with war and fear, but with compassion, love, peace, and justice.  This is the heart of Progressive Christianity, and while I have breath, I will continue to learn it, teach it, and live it.  Come, join me in this endeavor by giving your year-end gift today!

Thank you all for your support this year!  Let’s continue to push forward – perhaps together we can change the world!


Fred Plumer, President
The Center For Progressive Christianity

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