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Journey of the Universe

What is our relation to this planet?
What is our planet’s relation to the cosmos?

Journey of the Universe provides a story that responds to these questions and to the shift in consciousness that the Earthrise photo initiated.

This once-a-month newsletter is your source for all things relating to the “Great Story” of an unfolding universe and to the “Great Work”, the transformative activities that weave this story into our world. Through this channel, we will highlight various aspects of the Journey of the Universe film, book, conversation series, online courses, and related works.

Our hope is to bring forth the various dimensions of this project front and center to your attention, in a way that is easily accessible, invigorating, and relevant to your day-to-day life. We plan to share news updates, new media, and event opportunities for the Journey of the Universe community.

Our first piece of exciting news is the launch of a new Journey of the Universe website.

This website has been designed to present our vast array of video media in a beautiful, high-definition format so that it is easy and enjoyable to navigate.

Explore the new site here and share your thoughts and questions with us via

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