“Let me make this perfectly CLEAR … “

Politicians on the defense don’t want to be misunderstood! They choose their words carefully in order to be “perfectly clear.” Daily, we watch reporters try to present the clearest picture possible to viewers, spending hours and days searching for new angles on events. It is human nature to value clarity over uncertainty. Being able to focus upon a problem and clear it up actually brings peace of mind.

When I began writing my first (and only) book, I would write a section; put it aside for a day or two; and return to what I’d written, only to find that it wasn’t as clear as I wanted it to be.  After writing several sections my thinking did become clearer and clearer, and I ended up rewriting the whole thing.  In that process the title for the book came to mind:  Clear Faith: Clearing away stumbling blocks for a faith that makes sense.

The term CLEAR bursts into a shower of illuminating meanings like these:

  • A clear day:  Blue sky, no clouds, bright sunshine.  I can see for miles and miles.
  • Just-washed windows:  So clean and clear that I immediately see through the glass and beyond.  My vision is not distracted by smudges or specks on the glass.
  • A clear lake:  No muddiness or debris in the water, I see fish and turtles swimming a few feet down.  The sunlight dances off the water, and reflections of the trees show up as mirror images of the beauty around the lake.
  • Clear water to drink:  No particles floating around, fresh and drinkable, healthy and essential for life.
  • Clearing away brush, trash, broken objects, discarded waste:  To use the space for newness, to remove eyesores, restore to good use, be able to walk safely in that space once more.
  • Clear confusion from our thinking:  To be at peace within.
  • And not to be too earthy, but even as I am writing right now, my sinuses have been plugged for a couple of days. When the nasal congestion spray starts working, I experience a clearing that is just short of miraculous! I feel light, free, able to breathe life-giving air once more!  I’m able to focus on other things than just getting oxygen into my lungs.  Ahhh.

Go back up through each bulleted facet of “clear” above, applying it metaphorically to your own faith.  I think “clear” is a wonderful metaphor!

CLEAR is what I want to feel and be when it comes to something that means as much to me as FAITH.  I want to be at peace with what I believe and choose to say and do, with regard to my way of living in faith. I want to own it whole-heartedly. I don’t want to apologize or make excuses for beliefs that don’t make sense, saying things like, “You just have to take that in faith.  Someday it will make sense to me, even if it doesn’t now.  God’s ways are not our ways.”  With Clear Faith, I am at peace. 

And what of “faith”?  Next blog!

What about you?  Any obstacles on your faith path?  Care to share? 

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