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Let’s All Imagine

From the 'Sing Young, Sing Joyfully' collection

1. Let’s all imagine we are like a bird

Flying in the bright, blue sky,

Singing our best songs sweetly as we can,

Seeing all of life with a clear bird’s eye.


2. Let’s all imagine we are like the fish

Swimming in the surging sea,

Gazing all around, noting all that moves,

Heeding danger’s signs so that they can flee.


3. Let’s all imagine we are like a plant

Pushing its roots through the earth,

Breaking through the soil, reaching for the sky,

Forming all the seeds for another birth.


4. Let’s all relate to creatures in our thoughts,

Creatures moving to and fro,

Searching for their food, catching all their prey,

Feeding all their young so that each may grow.


5. Let’s all imagine we are someone else

Sharing both their joys and pain,

Learning more about other ways of life,

Ways which sometimes only love can explain.


6. As we imagine we are something else

Our world expands more and more,

Feeling one with all creatures and the stars,

Taking sides with all the oppressed and poor.


Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace

Harmony by Francis Dennis

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Topics: Social & Environmental Ministry. 8 Points: Point 7: Integrity of the Earth. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Ages: Elementary, Pre-School, and Pre-Teen. Resource Types: Audio MP3 and Children's Songs.

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