Life in Abundance

Life in abundance, Jesus says

I bring to set the world ablaze,

Exalt the weak and poor.

To save my life I give it up

I drain afresh the bitter cup

And live for evermore!


I heal your sickness, Jesus says

The living dead I touch and raise

In me their fears are shed.

I set you free to rest awhile

And then to walk the second mile

Till hungry folk are fed.


I break convention, Jesus says

No deep divisions bar my ways

My love transcends them all.

To enemies my heart extends

While social outcasts are my friends

I lift up those who fall.


I bid you follow, Jesus says

To share my journey all your days

Until Earth’s time shall cease.

With me discover love divine

See water turning into wine

And find a life at peace.



© David Stevenson 2010

Suggested tune: Manna by J G Schicht (1753-1823)

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