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Litany of Praise and Confession

Come to us, God of peace.

Come with your healing and your reconciling power.

Come, that  fear may be cast out by love;

that  weapons may be replaced by trust;

that violence may give way to gentleness.

Come to us, God of peace.


Come to us, God of justice.

Come with your righteous judgments and your mercy.

Come,  that we may hear the cries of the oppressed in every land;

that we may see the suffering of the poor in our own land;

that we may return to the way of righteousness and compassion.

Come to us, God of justice.


Come to us, God of love.

Come  with your extravagant kindness and your goodness.

Come, that we may see you in the people of every race and culture;

that we may embrace you in the lonely, the bereaved, and the rejected;

that we may be an accepting and a caring church.

Come to us, God of love.


Come to us, God of unity.

Come with your forgiveness and your healing grace.

Come, that we may witness to reconciliation for a divided world;

that we may gather around Christ’s table as one people;

that we may affirm one church, one faith, one Lord.

Come to us, God  of unity.


Come to us, God of hope.

Come to us with your promises; come in your mysterious presence.

Come,  that we may marvel at your  faithfulness in past  generations;

that we may celebrate the new things you are doing among us today;

that we may be your pilgrim people on our journey to your kingdom.

Come to us, God of hope.


Come to us, O God, as we gather together and pray in the name of Jesus, who is

the head of the church and the lord of our lives.            Amen



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