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Love is Essential

Tune Eventide VU 436

Love is the source of comfort and delight;
Love shines in darkness, bringing us the light;
When we despair and purpose seems at an end
We long for love on which we can depend.

When storms attack, when gloom seems to prevail,
Wrong seems to triumph, mercy seems to fail,
These are the times when love can change the world
Hope can burst forth and justice be unfurled.

When we have failed, thrown virtue overboard,
Love can redeem; our lives can be restored;
We can begin again and hope to show
What love can do if we but let it grow.

When love is shared, is given and received
Life is enriched; much pain is thus relieved;
Love calls to us to taste its wondrous store
Of peace and kindness, now and evermore.

We have no fear when love controls our way;
Love has the means of bringing joy each day;
When we decide to let love truly reign
We are creating more of God’s domain.

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