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Made of Stories

Short films with big challenges for religious faith

Telling Stories
In an age of fast-moving visual communication across all types of platforms, the trustees of PCN Britain have commissioned this series of short films which raise challenging questions to those who hold a progressive view of what it means to be Christian today.

Rather than producing a series of more didactic, ‘teaching’ presentations about the content of Christian faith, our starting point is the very different personal stories of people, some of whom faced difficult situations, some of whom hold deeply passionate views about aspects of life and the world as we find it. We are grateful to the people who were willing to tell their story.

Thanks to the generosity of the Westhill Trust and other donors, we commissioned a media company, Shortform, to work with us. Shortform searched out the people in the films and we are grateful for their expertise in research, filming and editing but above all for their empathy and understanding of our aims in producing these short films.

The viewers will know no more about the story tellers than what is in the film but our hope is that the subject of their story – being HIV positive, being a climate activist, working to revive a church for the community and so forth, will arouse in you, the viewer, questions and reflections about these particular issues and faith. The short films are freely available on many platforms and we hope will be shown in a variety of settings, including the privacy of your living room.

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Review & Commentary