May Love Divine Fill All Our Hearts

Words by Lyndon Hutchinson-Hounsell

May Love Divine fill all our hearts, our bodies, minds and souls.

Let’s love our neighbours as ourselves as Spirit makes us whole.

In hope and life and peace and love we join with rock and flower.

Let’s love and live and fully be with grace and humble power.


Christ brought to mind the way to be, we’re called to love and peace.

In Spirit may we know afresh we live among the least.

We humbly share the earth with all, so simply may we live.

We know the joy that fills our soul when wastefully we give.


Congratulations, all the poor, we’re children of the One.

Congratulations, all who mourn, joy flows from Love Divine.

Congratulations, all who starve, we’ll eat and drink with mirth.

Congratulations, all judged wrong, Divine lives with the earth.


In tree and bird we find Shalom, Great Spirit make us whole.

We long for balance on the earth, we feel it in our soul.

Christ left us with one parting word, that love may bring us home;

Christ’ greatest wish for all who live is Love’s Divine Shalom.


Tune: Kingsfold

Review & Commentary

  • Fr. Olimpio C. Armoa

    I love the poem, may I used it on my program on the radio? (I will translate, in Spanish, to my listeners)

    Thank you and God bless you all.

    Fr. Olimpio
    (the country priest)

    • Deshna Ubeda

      Yes, you may! thank you!

  • Lynn Rutner Devisscher

    Thank you, Lyndon !!

    I love your sermon about boxes !!