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Meditation Is Magic


To soothe souls in election year, Portland Rabbi seeks 10K+ meditators.

This beautiful, full-color, 8.5″ x 11″ book of simple, enjoyable instructions will get you meditating.

Follow the frustrated Stallion  and the slightly-competitive Dragon I teach them (and you) about the magic of mindfulness and meditation.

Have you ever thought, “I wish meditation were as easy as magic”? Now it is. Meditation is Magic.

Image“Meditation helps people gain clarity and calm,” says Rabbi Brian Mayer, twenty-plus year meditation veteran.

“A semi-regular sitting practice, even done badly, can help, but the problem is most people don’t know where to start.”

Meditation is Magic – Mayer’s first graphic novel – is engaging, gamified, and practical. The storyline follows the frustrated Stallion and slightly-competitive Dragon as they learn from the shape-shifting Rabbi Brian –who appears as a barkeeper, chef, Yoda, Mr. Rogers, Richard Simmons and more.

Meditation is Magic is an on-ramp for first-time, teen, and would-be ADHD meditators.

Have you ever thought, “I wish meditation were as easy as magic”?
Now it is.

Meditation is Magic is parental advisory, explicit content. Teens, make certain to advise your parents, I want to learn learn meditation with *Meditation is magic*. It’s explicit – a fancy word for clear. (Also, the horse drops the f-bomb.)

Rabbi Brian lives in Portland, Oregon and runs an email based congregation of approximately 3,000 loyal followers — most of whom never thought they would have a rabbi in their lives.

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