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Meditations on Stress Relief


During our shelter-in-place it is feels right to gather in Community. So with the help of The Grand Council, Diane and I decided to offer a series of FREE fireside chats and meditations called:

Wednesday Evenings with The Grand Council

Each Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm Pacific time with 12 Masters. You can sign up with Diane for any future Wednesday evening. ( There is a new theme each week and all calls are recorded and posted here.

Last week one of our Masters asked for guidance on how to cope with stress when we “freeze”.  

In response, The Grand Council has done a magnificent job offering us 3 brand new meditations focused on Coping with Stress – Fleeing, Freezing, or Fighting. 

In times when we are dealing with stress, trauma, many unknown factors and competing demands, do you know how you respond? Physiologically, psychologically, emotionally… everyone responds in one, two or three ways – either you

  • Flee
  • Freeze 
  • or Fight

The 3 new meditations help to identify, harness and optimize how you respond to surprises, unexpected events, stress and trauma. Listen to all 3 meditations and use them yourself, regularly.

These are POWERFUL meditations to help us cope with our primal responses using SPIRITUAL AWARENESS.

Share the messages, images and techniques with your friends, family and your children, if you think it will help them through stressful times too. Please tell us how you are using and experiencing these meditations, when you are inspired to share.



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