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Menu of Blessings

Awake My Soul

Awake my soul and sing Glory to my God and all things bright and beautiful,

(Followed by the doxology, with gusto!).


In Celebration (Inspired by the love that surrounded a birthday celebration for Roseanne Miller)

God of Rhythmic Tides, Lord of Soaring Winds, Creator of Joy across the face of mother earth; we offer thanks as one faith-family to celebrate our meal in open love.



One in Faith

Oh, Sacred Spirit, embodied on earth, we open our hearts to your uniting Grace. We vary in our expectations, ambitions and temptations, but we become unified in reconciliation. Oh, Sacred Spirit, imprinted in our souls; open our minds to your transforming Grace. We differ in our education, inclinations and appreciation, but we are one in gratitude at your blessed table.



God of Abundant Grace

God of Wonder, each item of food is the gift of a miracle: a miracle of birth in every seed; a miracle of life in growth and maturation; a miracle of new seeding, wintering, and returning for spring’s rebirth.  We give thanks for transforming miracles, and the renewal of our own lives in a harvest of blessings.



Whatever our beliefs may be or holiday meals that we celebrate, I hope that these “transfaith” blessings may help to nurture focus and gratitude.  They are selected from the original collection that was written for the Felix H. duPont Memorial House, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


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