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Miracles, Messages and Metaphors: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Bible

In Miracles, Messages and Metaphors: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Bible, Norm Carroll searches beyond the literal to embrace a biblical interpretation that is based on the meaning intended by the sacred author. Carroll probes critical characters and themes to draw spiritual significance from their historical context. Christ becomes an indwelling fulfillment of one’s possibilities in love and in truth as lived by Jesus of Nazareth. Truly, this understanding will help us to solve society’s and our own personal struggles while empowering us on our daily journey to Christ.

If spiritual writers like Norm Carroll do not share their biblical wisdom, I fear Christianity will become insular and self serving. Reflect, therefore, on these pages and be astonished by what you did not know and grateful for what you now know.”  –Richard Rohr, Founding director for the Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How refreshing to read the work of a respected theologian who draws upon the roots of Hebrew and Christian scriptures to define what should be humanity’s values and virtues. The lessons learned from Carroll’s writings are invaluable and his scholarship, impeccable. The author’s ability to explore and explain the myths and massages… has made this work a must-read for people who seek to comprehend the Judaeo-Christian ethic. You will recognize Jesus as a true human being and a Jew who believes in one God. The author’s vast research of Jewish and Christian sources adds an even greater credibility to this work. It is to be explored, enjoyed, and expressed in our daily lives.”  -Rabbi Robert Frazin D.D., Member, Board of  Regents of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Professor of Comparative Religions at Nova Southeastern University.
Norm Carroll studied seven years for the Roman Catholic priesthood in the seminary of the Franciscan Friars at Graymoor, NY. He studied four additional years to become a Doctor of Chiropractic but pursued his powerful passion for spirituality and theology through ordination to the diaconate in 1979. In 1994, he gained his Doctor of Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation. Dr. Carroll initiated in 1996 a 15 year career of preaching over 200 hundred parish retreats throughout the United States. Deacon Carroll published his first book Miracles, Messages and Metaphors in 2010 and his second book The Whole Story in 2018.
He was suspended in 2013 by the  Archbishop of Miami for stating in private conversation that the church had the authority and the moral obligation in justice to promote the ordination of women. Visit Norm’s website here.

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