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Miracles of Human Birthing

  1. Miracles of human birthing –
    We but stand in silent awe.
    God in each and every earthling
    Gives to life its sacred core.
    Come and ponder all the mystery of new life that we adore
  2. Can we hold young Mary’s baby?
    See him smile and hear him cry?
    Share in Joseph’s joy and maybe
    Wonder? Marvel? Glorify?
    Come and ponder all the mystery of the life we sanctify.
  3. His birthplace was home for cattle;
    Jesus was a tradesman’s son;
    Yet he waged a bitter battle;
    Fought ‘the powers’ and he won.
    Come and ponder all the mystery of his life; ‘The power of one’.
  4. From the cross of pain he calls us;
    From the shameful cross of woe;
    Had no wealth, no power or status;
    Yet he set our world aglow.
    Come and ponder all the mystery of his life so long ago.

Tune:  Regent Square (Angels, from the Realms of Glory)

Topics: Arts and Music and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 4: Act As We Believe and Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers. Seasons & Special Events: Advent and Christmas. Resource Types: Hymns and Liturgical Element.

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