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MLK’s Favorite Hymn, “Precious Lord”

MLK’s Favorite Hymn, ‘Precious Lord,’ Featured in Remarkable Circa 1990 Recording on YouTube – Christian Newswire
‘Precious Lord’ was Martin Luther King’s favorite gospel hymn. Alice Wildermuth O’Sullivan directs from the piano the ‘Night Job Trio’, multiple percussionists, and The Bethlehem Lutheran Choir. Virtuoso clarinetist Clarence Warren and Dave Weber MD on trombone and harmonica round out the ‘Night Job Trio’ with Alice circa 1990. Photos include some taken by her husband at the 50th anniversary of the Selma March.
A remarkable circa 1990 recording of Martin Luther King’s favorite gospel hymn, “Precious Lord,” has been posted on YouTube, accompanied with visuals and quotations from the Civil Rights Era

It has been added to a YouTube playlist of jazzy interpretations of African-American spirituals and gospel hymns featuring the “Night Job Trio,” multiple percussionists and Oakland’s Bethlehem Lutheran Choir.
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