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Mona Haydar – Suicide Doors featuring Drea D’Nur


Nobody wanna talk about it
She used to say I’m too dark, habibi
She used to say I’m too thick, habibi
But even then she was so thin, habibi
The signs were all right there
So loud but we just couldn’t hear
She thought she found her way out, habibi
And now you wanna talk foul, habibi?

Body at the holiday
She was never meant to stay
We get the keys and look away
She hit the block with the fresh paint spinning on some big rims
She opened up the suicide doors
Looking for a way out
Opened up the suicide doors
Maybe get away now
I’m wishing that I could have done more
Maybe show you where the brakes
She opened up the suicide doors
I just pray that you’re okay now

I can see her mama with my eyes closed
Arms wrapped around her baby for the last time now
I remember those first few nights
We shared the bed and just cried
Middle of a crisis, yeah, we left her alone
No passenger to listen, had to drive on her own
Blood on her hands, she was riding on chrome
Maybe the road she was on was too close to your home

All-white Maserati or the Rolls-Royce
Phantom found their daughter
Leave her body matte black Rolls Phantom
Three plus 22 […] in the rearview
Sitting somewhere in the back of the black Rolls Phantom
She pull up to the curb
She just needed one connection
But instead of understanding
All she get is bad directions
In the tints on the window
They just show us our reflections
Even though we follow teachers
She the one who gave the lesson

I was on the mountaintop
High up on the school
Must have saw you in the summer sunset
We’re just really missing you
There’s moments when I’m needing you
I’m wishing that you hadn’t gone yet

I pray, I pray that you’re okay

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