Monthly e-Bulletin: Creating Sacred Community Part 2

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but what about adults? Doesn’t it also take a village to raise an adult? Aren’t we all still growing and learning even into our later years? And isn’t it just as important to have leadership, guidance, tradition, as well as multi-generational community at all ages in life? It is our village, our community, where we experience the most challenges, growth, support, and evolution. Whether you are a part of a thriving sacred community or would like to create one, we hope these eBulletins support you in your community journey. We encourage you to draw together, even just a few friends, find a common spiritual path, and share ritual, breaking of bread, music, discussion, and support on this journey of life and death, birth and re-birth. And we are thankful that you are a part of our larger community!  We had such a wonderful response from last month’s eBulletin! If you have not done so, you may want to take a look: Click here for Part 1 of this compelling discussion. 

Click here for Creating Sacred Community Part 2


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