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Monthly eBulletin- Life Celebrations in Sacred Community

We are here, as spiritual beings on a human journey, traveling through the highs and the lows, the glorious and the tragic. We have created rituals- references of time, seasons and shifts in our experience, to feel grounded and participatory in this life. Meanwhile, many physicists are telling us that it’s very possible and likely that time is merely a figment of our imagination and that we are actually living in parallel dimensions with it all occurring at once. With such an expansive awareness of our universe and our place in it, it is necessary to pause and honor the corners we turn, the milestones, the past and the present. But meaning is lost when the words are irrelevant, when language is outdated, and practices are dogmatic and un-evolving. As progressive Christians, we are called to walk into the mystery of change, while at the same time keeping close to our hearts the timeless teachings of our tradition. Our life celebrations and rituals must then reflect this call, this necessary aspect of our path. Sacred community is a space to explore these traditions and to create new ones. We invite you to seek out or create community that is inclusive, compassionate, meaningful, and supportive. And our goal is to help you do so…

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