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Monthly eBulletin- Music in Sacred Community


At it’s best music is a sacred expression of our soul. It can warm our hearts, enlighten our minds, and lift our spirits. And yet, we have all heard theology in music within our Sacred Communities that is outdated, confusing, and downright negative. Finding that balance between tradition and spiritually relevant can be tricky. For me music is a central aspect of sacred community- it is during music expression that I felt most deeply connected to those I am communing with. There is nothing like that feeling of the heart soaring when music touches the soul. And knowing the deep place the music can descend into our psychology, isn’t it our responsibility to approach it with caution and a critical mind? Music teaches us about who we are and can evoke feelings in us we didn’t know were there. Doesn’t music in sacred community, then, need to also be sacred, relevant, and inspiring?

I hope you enjoy this month’s eBulletin as much as I have as we continue our journey into the heart of Sacred Community.





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