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Mother us gently, Father us lightly

Mother us gently, Father us lightly,

God of our being, ground of our care;

comfort our grieving, help our believing,

graceful and loving, teach us to share.


Hold and enfold us, parent with purpose,

taking us forward, showing your way;

guiding our footsteps, giving direction,

leading us onward, every new day.


As we are growing nurture, protect us,

lift us when fallen, then set us free;

we are your children longing to serve you,

ready for action, willing to be.


God of our being, Father and Mother,

parent to children, source of all grace;

stand with your people, focus our loving,

spirit of challenge, shine through each face.



© Andrew Pratt 8/3/2011


Editor’s suggested tune: Tenderness (Colin Gibson, 1992)

Appears in New Century Hymnal with “Touch the Earth Lightly”

by Shirley Erena Murray

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