Moving Beyond Belief: A New Focus for the Christian Faith


Moving Beyond Belief: A New Focus for the Christian Faith

By Dr. Rick Herrick



This book argues that a religion centered around biblical belief has not worked when it comes to living the teachings of Jesus. For many Christians their religion has become an ideology which doesn’t touch their hearts. The central argument of the book is that we must shift the focus of our religion away from biblical belief to a sense of the deep, transforming love that comes from knowing God. The book provides detailed instructions on how such a knowing takes place. In making such a change, Christians will finally come to a place where they can work with God to make the world a better place.

The title of Rick Herrick’s book, Moving Beyond Belief, encapsulates his message. Religious belief, as opposed to faith, is a creation of the ego that functions as a “smokescreen” to hide and distort the love to be found in our soul and heart, a smokescreen that has disastrous consequences. Herrick calls us to enable the love of God to fill our souls. A good read and a good message. ~ Carl Krieg, author of What to Believe? The Questions of Christian Faith
Moving Beyond Belief challenges us to reach beyond the dogmatic differences that divide us to experience the heart of Christianity, Jesus’s enduring gospel of love. A vital and timely message for our world today. ~ Diane Dreher, author of The Tao of Inner Peace
About the Author
Rick Herrick has a PhD from Tulane University, is a former tenured university professor and magazine editor, and is the author of six published novels and three works of nonfiction. His musical play, Lighthouse Point, was performed as a fundraiser for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in 2013.

Topics: Belief. 8 Points: Point 4: Act As We Believe and Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers. Resource Types: Books and Read.

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