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My Resources for Churches

(and everyone else!)

Every so often, I put out a “musing” that is a guide to my writings and videos.  It’s that time when churches make plans for their program year, so this is a good moment to share links to my materials for worship, study, and spiritual practice.  Use freely.  All I ask is attribution! 

My BOOKS on Amazon — Open Christianity (2000) – an introduction to progressive Christianity.  Birdlike and Barnless (2008) – a progressive “book of common prayer” for use in churches.  Hitchhiking to Alaska (2013) – the spirituality of service and social activism.  SOULJOURN (2013) – a novel about religious diversity in America.  Deeper Love: Faithful Rhetoric for Progressive Social Change (2016) – a handbook for activists and candidates.  Mindful Christianity (2018) – how mindfulness is woven into the contemplative tradition of Christianity – a great resource for church prayer/study groups.  Mindful Christianity – a video intro to my book .  Coming soon:  Tenderly Calling: An Invitation to the Way of Jesus – an introduction to the faith for beginners – great for confirmation and new member groups.

New Words to Old Hymns

Deeper Love – a song for communion – very timely for the election, etc –

Jim Burklo’s Book of Common Prayer – liturgical resources including invocations, benedictions, litanies, prayers, poetry, etc

SKITS – for worship – Against or Through? With or For? But or And?



Resistance Bible Study – a study series that would be ideal to run in the time between now and the November election.   My short rendition on video of a mash-up of Wm Jennings Bryan speeches – he was a fundamentalist Christian who ran 3 times for the presidency as a progressive Democrat.  A shorter study:  Samaritan Care: Health Care in America

Contemplative Christian Practices – my series of 3 half-hour videos introducing the mystical tradition of the faith.  Good for study/prayer groups.  Each video introduces practices that take about 30-40 minutes, so devote an hour to each one – and add time for discussion, etc.  Contemplatio – The Questions of Jesus – practices for study/prayer groups – Ten Ways to Meet God – more practices

Mindfulness Practice – five short videos that cover the basic content of the classes I teach at USC for – good for prayer/study groups:  Mindfulness: an Introduction – Mindfulness of the Body – Mindfulness of Emotions – Mindfulness of Thoughts  – Mindfulness and Compassion  – Mindful Habits 

How to Read the Bible– some basics for progressive Christians, good for study groups – related: Book of Nature, Book of Scripture – Sacred Myth of the Gospel – The Bible and Bob Marley

The Varieties of God – an outline of different understandings of God, within and beyond Christianity – a great conversation-starter in study groups

Fearless Sunday – 2nd Sunday in Sept (or any other Sunday) – a time for pastors and members of churches to “come out of the closet” about their real theological beliefs (or unbeliefs) – Questions to Ask Your Pastor on Fearless Sunday – What They REALLY Meant When They Signed That Statement of Faith

Election Day:  Blessing the Hands That Cast Ballots – Voting Rituals – How to Be a VOTIVATOR (sharing with each other how we vote)

Christmas Poems by Jim Burklo

LENT:  Mindful Christianity Practices – WORD JAZZ for Fat Tuesday and Lent

Tax Day: Blessing of the Taxes (in worship) – Prayer for Tax Day – Progressive Taxation and Christian Faith –

Pluralism Sunday (first Sun in May, or other Sunday of your choice) – celebrating in worship the religions of the world – and the principle that other religions may be as good for others as ours is for us!  Religious Pluralism and the Bible – A Song for Pluralism Sunday – Seven Principles for Interfaith Engagement

St. Buddha’s Day (Aug 26 – or whatever day you choose to celebrate it)  – Buddha was once accidentally canonized as a Christian saint… let’s revive that tradition as a way of celebrating religious pluralism, and of the striking parallels in the teachings of the Buddha and the Christ!

The Clay Bird (an interfaith message – Christian/Muslim)

The Prodigal Pig

For Sneeches, Both Starful and Starless – the Sermon on the Mount, Dr Seuss-style

Elephant Eggs – pure silliness! punch line: what you need is probably already here.

Of Seeds and Stardust – a poetic science-based creation story

Parable of the Parrot – short story about the heart of the gospel

The Tumbleweeds – a family of tumbleweeds rides with the wind (which blows where it wills…)

Breaking Free – a flower becomes a butterfly – and learns to appreciate flowers
PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN IDENTITY – “messaging” for progressive congregations:

SIGNAGE for progressive churches  – “elevator speeches” – one-liners that set your church apart

QUESTIONS for “church shoppers” to ask – progressive churches’ answers are “yes” to all!

A SHORT HISTORY OF PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANITY – good for new members groups, etc

THE FOUR SPIRITUAL AWES – a short “tract” that expresses the essence of progressive Christianity – print freely!


QUOTATIONS – my “one-liners” —


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