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My story of abuse and disconnection with body



It’s a been long summer! One filled with a lot of reflection and thought. And over these last few months, I’ve felt stirred to speak about things I’ve been quiet about. One thing I’ve been quiet about has been abuse.

I was told in order to be “godly” I needed to submit, be forgiving, not expose, etc. When I wasn’t quiet and did things like file for divorce or speak my truth, I was called things like, “rebellious”, “lack of submitting”, “Jezebel”, “out of order”, “not of God”.

But, out here in the wilderness, I’m gaining some fierce ground in this area. One is learning to tell my story – in all it’s truth. So, this recent blog is my story of abuse. Being quieted (under the name of God) and most importantly embracing the voice I had all along.

Blog article: The New Godly Woman – From Quiet and Submissive to Loud Warrior


In my recent podcast, I explore how I am learning to connect with my body after years of being disconnected. For many of us, mind and spirit are seen as the focus while our bodies are the afterthought.

The body is often viewed as the flesh; the part that needs to be contained, managed and taught to submit. 

I share my experiences from purity culture and how abuse and trauma played a part in my disconnection. This episode is an honest look at my journey of learning self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, being present and how I am climbing back into my skin again – embracing every part of body as GOOD.


Podbean: Talking about body – self-acceptance, sexuality and being present in your skin

iTunes: Talking about body – self-acceptance, sexuality and being present in your skin

Every part of YOU is worthy of being seen, known and embraced.
Grace and peace,


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