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Mystery of Prayer (Trochaic)

1. Gladly we address our burdens

Through the mystery of prayer,

Lovingly support each other

In the privilege of care.


2. Prayer expands to fill our being

As we touch infinity,

Serve as channels to our neighbour,

Bearers of divinity.


3. In the calm of meditation,

Inspiration and resource,

Still we long for peace and justice.

Let the kingdom run its course!


4. Spirit, draw us ever onward

By refinement’s purity,

From our childish wish fulfilment

To a new maturity.


5. As we view a world in torment

May we find the nerve to dare,

Not content to be spectators,

Live the answer to our prayer.


Possible tune: Servant Song

© David Stevenson 2011


Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Resource Types: Hymns.

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