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Nature’s Harsh Harmony

1.  Contemplate all nature’s beauty

And embrace its darker side;

Life as sacrifice is ordered;

Sometimes life will be denied;

Celebrate with adoration

New growth after seeds have died.


2.  Nature’s children need protection

As they struggle to survive;

And when grown, threat always hovers;

Yet they linger, even thrive;

Celebrate with adoration

Life with its unending drive.


3.  Life, in tension, sings a chorus

Of a constant melody;

Life and death are ever present —

Nature’s own harsh harmony;

Celebrate with adoration

Life’s victorious energy.


4.  Death will never have dominion

Even though it has its place;

Life breeds life; is never conquered;

Life will always win the race;

Celebrate with adoration;

Glory in this gift of grace.


Tune:  Regent Square (Angels from the Realms of Glory)


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