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Not Without Courage


Moving further into the Inspired by Hollywood series, we went to see the movie Selma. What a powerful film and so timely. That black men are still twenty-one times more likely to be killed by police than white men* in America is staggering and the media’s attention, drawn to this truth by the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, has drawn our attention, too. Watching Selma brought home the shameful truth that in far too many places, racism still rules the streets.

The song I wrote for use in this service is set to the tune Eventide. Written by William Henry Monk, it is welded to the words of Abide with Me which wasn’t really part of my church background. It has become familiar to me only through the use of it at funerals and hymn sings at long term care facilities. But it is beautiful and moving and so when I was looking for a tune to meet my heart and to which I could write new words, it came to mind.


Not without Courage
© 2015 gretta vosper
Tune: Eventide

Might justice reign in this, our broken world?
Might love mend hearts where anger has unfurled?
Could we bring forth a land where all are free?
Not without courage, without you and me.

Might we build hope where none has been before?
Might we prepare for peace and not for war?
Could we find homes for every refugee?
Not without courage, without you and me.

Might we speak truth to arrogance and power?
Might we each child with confidence empower?
Could we reach deep and end all poverty?
Not without courage, without you and me.

Might we defend another’s right to speak?
Might we stand up for those who are too weak?
Could we destroy the roots of misery?
Not without courage, without you and me.

Might we refuse to see another’s race?
Might we find beauty in each other’s face?
Could we not recognize we’re family?
Not without courage, without you and me.


*Who Police Killed in 2014, Think Progress


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