Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation

occupy spirituality book coverThe Occupy Wall Street movement and protest movements around the world are evidence of a new era of intergenerational activists seeking deeper spiritual meaning in their quest for peace and justice.

This book is a call to action for a new era of spirituality-infused activism. Authors Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox encourage us to use our talents in service of compassion and justice and to move beyond our broken systems–economic, political, educational, and religious–discovering a spirituality that not only helps us to get along, but also encourages us to reevaluate our traditions, transforming them and in the process building a more sacred and just world.

Incorporating the words of young activist leaders culled from interviews and surveys, the book provides a framework that is deliberately interfaith and speaks to our profound yearning for a life with spiritual purpose and for a better world. Each chapter is construed as a dialogue between Fox, a 72-year-old theologian, and Bucko, a 37-year-old spiritual activist and mentor to homeless youth. As we listen in on these familiar yet profound conversations, we learn about Fox and Bucko’s own spiritual journeys and discover a radical spirituality that is inclusive, democratic, and relevant to the world we live in today.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Mona Eltahawy

Foreword by Andrew Harvey

Introduction: Invitation to Occupy Your Conscience

1. Is It Time to Replace the God of Religion with the God of Life?

2. Radical Spirituality for a Radical Generation

3. Adam’s Story

4. Matthew’s Story

5. What’s Your Calling? Are You Living in Service of Compassion and Justice?

6. Spiritual Practice: Touch Life and Be Changed by It

7. No Generation Has All the Answers: Elders and Youth Working Together

8. Birthing New Economics, New Communities, and New Monasticism

Conclusion: Occupy Generation and the Practice of Spiritual Democracy

Afterword by Lama Surya Das

Review & Commentary