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On Those Who Attempt to Justify Their Political Non-Involvement as Spiritual Enlightenment and a Manifestation of Grace

If you stop letting political injustices make you angry and resistant, then you are not a purveyor of grace as much as one of privilege. To not be angry in the midst of egregious injustices requires one to dissociate from the circumstances — much easier to do if you personally are not being oppressed. When we lessen our care for what happens to others, we are not agents of grace but of apathy.

To witness harms done to others and not oppose their oppressors and advocate on their behalf necessitates a hardening of one’s heart. Reducing righteous anger by becoming morally indifferent is not spiritual progress, but degeneration.

Grace is less to be identified with being unaffected by all that is going on around us, and more with being moved by the Spirit to work for peace and justice for all, out of loving others as we love ourselves.

— Bret S. Myers, 10/16/2017

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