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On Whether Life Is Sacred

Yes, life is sacred. It is sacred, that is of intrinsically inestimable worth, because within each one of us (as well as other lifeforms) are one, if not two, inherent qualities of earthly life: 1) the ability and desire to love, care for, and benefit others, and 2) an interdependent relationship with all other life in which the first quality would be diminished if any other part of life in its multitudinous splendor did not exist.

We are all spiritually, if not physically/chemically, intertwined to symbiotically and synergistically coexist for the mutual benefit of all. And it is this existential condition of siblinghood with all things that gives birth to the sanctity of loving, caring, and being compassionate towards one another; since it is these other-regarding virtues that derive their value from the reality of our spiritual oneness.

The failure of those who do not recognize this truth of our collective being and worth results in life appearing meaningless, purposeless, banal, or even profane. Under this illusion one does not see the inherent value of virtues like compassion, kindness, beneficence, justice, peace, magnanimity, integrity, truthfulness, generosity, forgiveness, respect, etc.

Devoid of these virtues and values that emphasize harmonious relationships, one becomes self-absorbed, insular, myopic, and solipsistic in ones thoughts and attitudes — which inevitably lead to life seeming to not be sacred.

The sanctity of life, its sacredness, is thus a twofold reality: the recognition that all life is united and has inherent worth within the structure of its interdependence, and the commitment to affirm this realization by adopting and manifesting the virtues that bear witness to this truth of existence: i.e., of living in loving relationship to all that is.

— Rev. Bret S. Myers, 12/13/2018

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