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One for the Road – a Search for Faith in a Sceptical Age

As suggested by the title, the book takes a progressive approach to religion, seeing the critical biblical analysis of the past 200 years and the discoveries of science as friends rather than enemies in the ongoing quest for truth.

David’s intention with the book is not to antagonise people secure in their belief, but rather to offer a way forward to those for who the traditional tenets of faith are no longer invigorating nor even credible. It is hoped that the book will prompt reflection in readers who may not fully share its conclusions.

One for the Road is comprised of 18 essays interleaved with hymns and poems.


John Churcher (former Chair of PCN-Britain) certainly had some high praise for the book, writing that:

“This is an excellent and wide ranging book of essays, hymns and poetry that could be used as short daily sources for thinking and contemplation. It is an exploration of an emerging Christianity fit for our own contemporary post-modern age, and transcends any specific culture or geography.

I have used David Stevenson’s hymns and poetry for at least a decade and found them always to be important contributions to progressive corporate worship. The author quotes from many different open thinking sources but one that rang all the bells for me was Carl Jung’s “Religion is a defence against the experience of God.”  This book goes a long way towards encouraging readers to engage with the issues raised in the hope that new ways of thinking and doing will emerge to address Jung’s critical comment. Although many of the examples used in the book come from the author’s experiences in Leicestershire Methodism they are ably utilised to illustrate universal themes such as ‘Church or Kingdom’, ‘In Love We Live’, ‘Myth and Mystery’, ‘This Multicultural Britain’, ‘On Peace and Justice’, and ‘Friendship Unbound’. The essay ‘The Certain Man’ is a wonderful, amusing yet challenging retelling of the parable of the three servants each given amounts of money to invest in the absence of the master [Matthew 25:14-30]. To have a preface written by Leslie Griffiths and an endorsement by Jack Spong speaks volumes for the book itself. It is highly recommended for readers who are searching for a Jesus based faith that is relevant to the age in which we live.”

John Shelby Spong, a former Bishop, also writes that:

“The book is filled with hymns that he has composed which you are not embarrassed to sing for they make contact with the world in which we all live. I love his work. You will too!”

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