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Orlando United – Pulse- performed by Beautiful Chorus

Photos and video of vigils held around the world in solidarity with Orlando, FL //

Song title: Pulse
(from the album ‘Love Is At The Core’ by Chakra Khan)

The song, ‘Pulse,’ was written and titled by Chakra Khan on Jan. 9, 2016 and – by pure coincidence – performed for the first time on the night of June 11th, in Orlando, FL just across town at another LGBTQ venue. We offer this song in love.

Stream and download it free here:
#LoveISTheMajority #OrlandoStrong


“Pulse” was performed for the very first time at The Venue by Alexandra Love Sarton, Divinci Glen Valencia Jr.and members of Beautiful Chorus as Chakra Khan at the Lady Elevate // The Chakra Khan CD Release PARTY just hours before Sunday’s massive heart attack began. An anthem for Orlando and love everywhere. Here is an interview with Alex & a sampling of Orlando folks right after the tragedy:

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