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Our Abuse of Religion


“When religion becomes a mere artificial façade to justify a social and economic system – when religion hands over its rights and language completely to the political propagandist, and when prayer becomes a vehicle for a purely secular ideological program, then religion deadens the spirit. It becomes political fanaticism.” -Thomas Merton (1915 – 1968)

Thomas Merton identified one of our problems.

Some religions today are a vehicle for “a purely secular ideological program.” They are a form of “political fanaticism.”

As such they are ignoring many of the most critical issues facing human civilization; theologically and otherwise.

One is the absence of understanding of the need for an interactive relationship between all forms of life on our planet. Necessary biosphere stabilization/regeneration is not in their interest.

In recent years many scientists and nonscientists have concluded that we humans have become an ecological force that could lead to the extinction of almost all life, including our own.

Religion needs to recognize this reality. Some progressive religionists have. Deep thinking religionists like the late Thomas Merton are an example. Most traditional religionists however have not.

But then there is another troubling reality: Is it only Religion at fault? Religion is an attempt to understand who and what we are in relation to ourselves and each other and our planet and beyond. That in its purist form has ultimate human value.

There is ample evidence over the centuries that for our own purposes we humans have used and abused Religion and we are continuing to use and abuse Religion.

It is we who are the problem.

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The Time Has Come For You to Unravel the Disconnect Between Your Religious Beliefs and Our Ecological Dilemma.

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David Anderson brings together a wide range of interests in his writings, namely; theology, history, evolutionary anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, and economics.

He has written four books. The fourth has just been published. It is about the necessary geo political, social, religious, economic paradigm shift for human survival.

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