Peia live in Minard Castle Dingle, Ireland – Dance in the Storm

Embrace Festival is delighted to have an incredible line up of sacred music that will heal, delight, and inspire you.


As an archival songstress, Peia has gathered songs from ancient traditions that span across the globe. She carries melodies wrinkled and wise with time, laboring faithfully to revive their language, stories and original essence.

A powerful voice in the rising global community of people who are committed to restoring a balanced relationship with the Earth, Peia expresses her holistic vision and passion through her music, educational workshops and advocacy for indigenous and environmental rights groups.

Gifted with a broad, soaring vocal range and crystalline tone, Peia’s song pierces the heart with bell like clarity. She sings with depth and beauty, accompanying herself with charango, harmonium, and guitar. Her revolving collaborative ensemble weaves rich vocal harmonies, cello, an eclectic array of percussion, and flamenco guitar. Peia’s performances offer authentic re-imaginings of traditional musical treasures along with a stunning repertoire of her original songs.

Peia graces us with her presence at our Sacred Community Closing Ceremony during Embrace Festival, Saturday May 6th, 2017

Dance in the storm – Lyrics & music by Peia – From Beauty Thunders, AVAILABLE NOW at CD Baby
Bandcamp and iTunes

Filmed on an iPhone by my best friend Dani Aubert on the edge of the Atlantic Sea, in an old castle near a holy well in Dingle Ireland.


Thunder swept the mountain side, the day you left the village my love.
T’was a full moon May night.
And I remembered the time by the great riverside,
when you taught me to dance, to dance in the storm.

We had come from many a land, a great distance.
All in search of the spirit, laid with longing far too long.
Up the mountain we climbed, though the wind’s song was wild, to where the sacred wheel was laid and the fire burned on.

As we called them one by one, North, South, East and West.
Oh this stirring in my breast! Is it you blue hummingbird?
You were my blue hummingbird.
Called by the nectar of my flowering heart.
Oh you could not linger long.
But I remember the time by the great riverside when you taught me to dance, to dance in the storm.

Water came down from the heavens above.
She stung and bit our tender skin.
Some ran for shelter, but we held the circle strong.
Though the storm raged on, and the night grew so long…
Soon came a clearing in the sky, pierced by the full moonlight.
‘Machi, Machi Machi Ma
Machi cura, Machi sana
Machi canta me una nana’

You were my blue humming bird.
Called by the nectar of my flowering heart, oh you could not linger long.
And I remember the time by the great riverside, when you taught me to dance, to dance in the storm.

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