Peia – O’er the Land, O’er the Sea – Music Video


Peia is a vocalist, composer and Sacred Song preserver of traditions that span across the globe. She has traveled extensively and studied from the rich lineages of Medieval Chant, Bulgarian and Celtic Folk Music, Indian Classical Raga and Medicine songs from the Native peoples of North and South America.

Gifted with a broad, soaring vocal range and crystaline tone she sings with depth and beauty, moving audiences to tears and inviting listeners to reconnect with one’s own purpose and the heart of Earth. Accompanying herself with Charango, Harmonium, and Guitar and joined by the richness of Cello, an eclectic array of traditional percussion and virtuos classical guitar, Peia’s music creates an organic sound scape for vibrational healing.

Born in small town Connecticut, Peia moved to Boston in 2002 where she attended New England Conservatory of Music on scholarship to receive extensive training in Western Classical Voice and Opera, vocal pedagogy, composition, and improvisation. In 2007 she made the long trip west to Portland Oregon where she began a deeper study of Indian Classical singing and joined Trillium Voices – An Estonian choral ensemble. In 2009 Peia made her recording debut with Grammy Nominee Ronn McFarlane for the Album Ayre Heart and the following year released Semi Somnus – a beautiful and eclectic collaboration with guitarist Chris Mosley. In 2012 she released her first solo album The Dance of Devotion – a stunning collection of poetic and devotional love songs. Her latest recording Four Great Winds – a journey through traditional and neo-sacred song – was released this May along with a video for Peia’s original song ‘Machi’ which went viral and had over 10,000 views in 2 weeks and grew to 40,000 views in two months. See the Machi Video Fallowing the release of Four Great Winds and Machi Peia gained international notoriety and request for performances in Europe, Australia, Bali, Brazil and the East Coast of the USA

Peia currently splits her time between Portland and the lush, wild hills of Southern OR where she teaches Voice Cultivation and the Yoga of Sound. Fusing her knowledge of Vocal Pedagogy – (The Science of the Voice) with the ancient meditative practice of Nada Yoga, she imparts upon her students the tools to harness the natural beauty and resonance of the voice .

The wild, wild wind blew you in,
your eyes shown of the days you’ve been gone
o’er the land, o’er the sea tell my Love of your great journey.

“Oh my Love I can not speak, beauty so immense words can not reach. Oh words they can not reach”

Must you then craft a song! Where words fall short music tells all.
Of the land, of the sea – oh my Love could you sing?

“I have seen the wide wind dancing with the new day sun,
and I have seen the way that the light dances on the water when the day is done. And I have known a people who love all that grows and bring the land back to life. And I have seen them sing in the fire and heard their one soul’s song.”

The wild, wild wind sang again
and called my heart to be o’er the land, o’er the sea
we began our journey. O’er the land or’er the sea, we began our great journey.

From Four Great Winds, available here

Track released 22 May 2013
with: Krsna Dev – Vocals and Skip Von Kuske – Cello

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