Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Written by Matt Carriker

On the surface, it seems that death is triumphant.

It appears as though those who conspired to do evil have won.


Yet God does not inspire fear, hatred, or violence.

God did not inspire the fear, hatred, or violence of the bombers in Brussels.


“Perfect love casts out fear” says the words of scripture.

Any voice or action that comes from a place of fear or harm- that is not the voice of the Beloved.


The Beloved whispers softly to the soul:

“You are blessed.  You are beloved.  You are a reflection of me.”


You can tell it is the voice of the Beloved because it doesn’t stop there.

The voice keeps pointing to everyone and everything:

“You are sacred.  You are blessed.  You are beloved.  You are a reflection of me.”


To listen to this voice is to treat each creature,

each precious child,

as an expression and manifestation of the Divine.


God does not inspire violence,

but always love.


This day, may we listen to that love,

open to that love,

spread that love.


Most of all, may we embody that love in the face of fear and hatred,

remembering our sacred calling as expressions of Light.


“Perfect love casts out fear,” the Voice whispers.

“Listen to your heart’s song.  Listen to your soul’s song.

Death has been swallowed up in victory.”


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