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Piggy-Backing on Bonhoeffer

At the end of a short story by Heinrich von Kleist there is the line: “I would not have found you to be such a devil if you had not presented yourself as being so angelic.”

I realized that this can apply to our conceptions of God. We have been told many bizarre things about God that have led to unrealistic expectations. So I start with the famous quote from Bonhoeffer “God is weak and powerless in the world…” and explore a proper relationship given this fact.
So God, I got it, you are weak and powerless in the world.
No problem, I can live with that, now that I know it.
And it’s kind of what I always suspected anyway.
I just didn’t wanna say anything, even to myself.
People tend to just keep their mouths shut about this kind of thing
but we don’t have to be quiet after all.
We were fed a lot of baloney about you.
And the functions you serve are fine.
Like Guan Yin you hear the cries of the suffering.
You hear it, it exists.
And you may have guided me toward certain experiences
And maybe dropped a few books into my hands – thanks!
Because you exist I’ve never been bored and have tried to rise
above all the rotten stuff we get filled with.
And I know you did not create evil in the world, we did.
And if I ever lie suffering in some cell through unjust persecution,
I won’t blame you nor ask for some Biblical escape.
I know how this world works, trust me.
We gotta protect ourselves, that’s for sure.
And now I don’t even believe you created the world.
The Gnostics were probably right and some
Demiurge came along and dropped this mess in your lap.
(Who knows? Ignoramus et ignorabimus.)
I’m really sorry you had to deal with all of this.
And I know what a drama queen I could be.
And I know how long it took before this wretch finally began to see.
Sorry about all of that, really.

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