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Poem to Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene, did you defer to Jesus?

Did you say, “Yes, my Lord, whatever You want, whatever You say?”

Did you pay close attention to him, closer than to your own self

to sense what he needed and wanted, his hunger and thirst?

Did you take care of him first, before you?

Did you, Mary Magdalene, take care of Jesus at your own expense?

Did you serve him, wash his shirts, when you were too tired?

Did you walk with him when your feet hurt?

Did you listen to him talk, sort our his choices

while voices in your head said, “What about us?”

Well, a woman has needs, problems to solve, too, and stories to tell.

Did he listen to you, take lovely care of you, too?

What did you do with Jesus, Mary Magdalene?


“Oh, Mary Feagan,” says Mary Magdalene.

“I’m glad you are asking me these questions.

Yes, Dear, at first I did defer, for I adored Jesus more than myself.

But Jesus preferred me alive, strong and present

So we slowly found ways to feel equal.

He wanted to know me, too, hear all the words of my songs.

He adored me, also, you see, and over time

I found the same divine source in myself.

We didn’t force things.  It wasn’t easy for me to speak up

and he was such a great presence, not to mention great talker.

But we knew we were setting a model for others.

We knew, precious Mary, my namesake

another truth more important.

We knew we were both the same essence of Love.


©  Mary Feagan, 2013


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