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Practical Faith & Active Love

Meditations on the Epistle of James


Practical Faith & Active Love

By Joel W. Huffstetler

The Epistle of James is the most practical book of the Bible. Every word in the epistle is directly relevant to contemporary living, offering lessons about life drawn from life—topics such as riches and poverty, speech and anger, faith and works, patience and hope. James’s pastoral counsel is eminently and profoundly practical, relevant to any time, place and circumstance—as useful today as when first offered nearly 2,000 years ago. Practical Faith and Active Love: Meditations on the Epistle of James offers brief, insightful, probing meditations addressing the challenges and crises of life.


“These short and elegant meditations on an often overlooked part of the New Testament by a first rate scholar priest offer much food for thought as we try to relate the Bible to our own often troubled world. Drawing on an extensive pastoral ministry as well as modern scholarship, Fr. Huffstetler succeeds in offering comfort, challenge and resources for the Christian life.” -Mark D. Chapman, Professor of the History of Modern Theology, University of Oxford

“Accessible, gracefully provocative and drenched in the reckless mercy of God, these meditations help us imagine what a true ambassador for Jesus Christ might say and do, how they might listen and how they might love.” —Mark Oakley, Dean St. John’s College, University of Cambridge

Practical Faith and Active Love: Meditations on the Epistle of James is a ‘game plan for life.’” —Joan Cronan, Athletic Director Emeritus, University of Tennessee
Published by Apocryphile Press

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