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“Prayer for Abundant Living”

O God of empty tombs and resurrection living:
Make us mindful of the pervasiveness of hope, 
the determination of faith, 
and the persistence of love.  
In a world where suffering is ever near, 
and where terrorism provokes fear, 
instill in us a resolve 
to live peacefully, justly, and compassionately.  
May we be the agents of healing and reconciliation 
when opposed by the forces of destruction and alienation.  
May we be the beacons of beneficence 
when others are the harbingers of hatred.  
Call us to be your resurrection people:  
those who trust in kindness more than might, 
in forgiveness more than revenge, 
in gentleness more than harshness,
and in virtue more than prudence.  
May beauty flow forth from our spirits, 
truth from our lips, 
and mercy from our hands.  
Help us to live the life that is light, 
that we may, like Jesus, 
rise above the shadows of death and despair 
and shine forth the blessings of love on all of creation.  
In the Spirit of the risen and still rising Christ, May it be so.

— Rev. Bret S. Myers

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