Prayer for Authenticity

In these quieter moments, may optimism’s glow creep in and then pervade our spirits and countenance. May hope, possibility and inward smile (at least) abide side by side with any worries, fears and the rest of our human repertoire and jumble of thoughts and emotions. Summer flourishes with abundance and warmth; the litany of flowers in turn take center stage, blooming, bowing, then relinquishing their unique splendor and spray. Tiger lilies, then black-eyed susans, and on and on. As nature and emergence marches on, may we too, celebrate the now and who we are….and also who we are yet becoming.

We take our places in life. We gather together to take our places in community, in relationships and in our families. We gather together to affirm the importance of taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. We join side by side to identify, challenge and move beyond excuses and the ways we limit and side step much of life and relating. And we would humbly reside here now to affirm, encourage and commend each other to live fully in a spirit and reality of authenticity and service.

As we arrive into our greater humanity – including deeper expressions of compassion and greater reception of love and other’s divine presence – let us now not forget the work and joy of being connected to each other: Through meals made and delivered, through support of the sojourning Bhutanese families in our midst, of embraces, smiles and tears shared upon good or sobering news. Those anticipating surgical procedures, those recovering, those living in and through radiation and chemotherapy. Let us not forget. Let us re-member with love, initiative, service, sacrifice, laughter, honesty and vulnerability. And let us do so with fewer excuses and rationalizations; let us jump back into life with greater gumption and grace.
We proceed now into a time of silent reflection. Let go. Take on. Wonder. Be emptied so that your mind and life might be so full and fulfilled. Doze and awaken as you will.


May our resourcefulness and resiliency be more fully demonstrated; may our god-likeness and divine presence be known, heard and felt; may this community of care cause inspiration and be inspired as this day unfolds. In honor of life itself, in honor of heroes, sages, saints and saviors we esteem and reverence…and in honor of those we now gather with….with humbly pray. Amen.

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