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Prayer/Meditation Responses

From the Boundless Life collection

In silence now we join to pray

Listening to the God within.


May rich discernment shape our prayers

As we learn from cosmic laws.


As love’s compassion grows within

We shall heed the peoples’ cries.


With all the poor we join to pray

May Earth’s wealth be shared by all.


Empowered by justice, filled with hope

We shall join with Earth’s oppressed.


Aware how humans wound this Earth

We resolve to save its life.


In meeting pilgrims’ varied ways

We find truth takes many forms.


When faced with life’s diversity

We view mystery as but one.


Through praying we transform our mind

Till all life becomes a prayer.



Note: the verses may be sung unaccompanied

Alternative for verse 1 response: “ Listening to our Inner Voice” or “Guided by the Light Within.”

Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace.

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