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Prayer’s Purpose for Progressives

Prayer invites us to quiet our spirits,
to quell the distractions that otherwise avert our attention
from virtues to banalities of existence.
Prayer allows us to listen
to what is truly significant to our lives,
and to intentionally envision
how we can live life
with more integrity, gratitude, compassion, and grace.
Prayer empowers us for peaceful living,
asking us to consider the needs of others
as well as our own,
and calling us to live nonviolently
with loving-kindness and conviction
in the face of life’s trials and turmoil.
Prayer is the gift of spirit we give to ourselves
so that our lives may be a gift of service
to others and the divine.
Prayer reminds us of the sacred,
and connects us to it.

– Rev. Bret S. Myers, 10/28/2019

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