Progressive Christianity and God

Fred Plumer, President of, explains how God, for progressive Christians, is not explained theistically but rather is thought of as an Infinite Mystery.

Review & Commentary

  • I appreciate your sincerity, however, I feel you may learn from teachings not only of the bible but also of the Cappadocian Fathers who shared the idea or theology which basically states there are two ways of approaching God, the Appophatic and the Kataphatic. In the one way, the more one studies and seeks God, the more one learns and knows of God;in this way one draws closer to God in fact by increased effort. In the other method or way, the more one seeks God, the more one knows how little we know of God. Here one finds that one will never truly fully know God. When one can hold these two seemingly opposite views at the same time, one can then begin the approach to the One who dwells in light unimaginable.
    Also, I wish you would dwell on the Incarnation of God in Christ. I think you will find that by seeking the Jesus of the Gospels, you will find the God of the universe. But you will never totally ,grasp who he is. You can however be directed to Him and by Him.
    To sum up, the concept of a Systematic theology that understands and predicts the Divine is not biblical nor are we capable of such a task. This does not mean, however, that we are to dismss the concept of a Theistic God for some mystical babble few can follow.