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ZOE ~ Progressive Christians Life on Campus



Progressive Christian Life on Campus

Who are we?

  • We are a global fellowship of college and university students and campus ministry leaders, asking the messy questions of faith, finding grace and humility in the search for understanding, believing there is more value in curious questioning than static absolutes.

  • We orient our lives as followers, students, or disciples of Jesus, striving through our actions and compassion to embody God’s kin-dom here on Earth. In that spirit, we join with Jesus in embodied solidarity with those who are marginalized in society, striving for peace and social justice, and defending the natural beauty of Earth.

  • We are committed to interfaith relationships and multi-faith collaboration, believing that we can learn from and find truth in diverse sources of wisdom in our spiritual journey, across Christian denominations, within the world’s diverse religions, in secular science and other academic disciplines, through the arts and activism, and in contemplative practices.

  • We strive towards radical belonging and community, seeking a community that is inclusive and affirming towards all peoples, including but not limited to:

    • People of all gender identities and sexualities, including all LGBTQ+ folks

    • Conventional Christians and those who are not

    • Believers and agnostics

    • People of all races and ethnicities

    • People of all classes and abilities

    • Those who have been historically marginalized by Christianity

  • Zoe is ecumenical and rooted in Christian faith and practice, engaged in social justice, and dedicated to the pursuit of global delight.

Below is a national list (incomplete) of progressive Christian campus organizations, progressive Christian university chaplains (employed by colleges and universities), and progressive Christian campus ministers (lay or clergy people assigned by churches or other organizations to serve students at particular campuses).

Note: University and college chaplains work directly for their institutions and in most cases serve and support the entire student body, across religious differences. They are listed here on the basis of their personal, not institutional, affiliations. Generally, university and college chaplains are very good sources of information about how to find progressive Christian groups on campuses.)

For a PDF with full details and locations click here

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To add a campus ministry to this list, contact: Rev. Jim Burklo, 

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