Progressives must have a litmus test to secure the grassroots

The fight against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act was huge. The grassroots-led the way but the Democratic establishment fell in line, giving the movement some parallel coverage not only in independent media but even in the mainstream media. There is a distinct difference in the response the Establishment has had to the Republican tax cut scam. Yes, they give the standard complaint about the bulk of the benefits going to the top. Yes, they talk about the deficits. But where the hell is the passion? Where the hell is the personalization of the bill that illustrates in graphic terms how it impacts everyday Americans, the Progressive base, the Conservative base, the Trump cult.

The answer is known even if it is not too evident to all. The Establishment duopoly shares many of the same donors who won’t complain too harshly if the Republican tax cut scam becomes law. After all, it will mean more dough for them. Their greenback accumulation will continue. Republicans have already admitted that one of the main reasons for their tax cut scam is to appease their donors who intend to turn off the cash flow faucets if they don’t get a return on investment, their tax cuts.

Just before writing this post, Republican Senator John McCain came out in favor of the Senate’s tax cut scam. Many other Republican Senators on the fence will follow his lead. The stock market is soaring in anticipation of Republicans laying the path, the map, for transferring the wealth and income of the poor and middle-class to the titans of finance, the capitalist pilferers, the plutocrats. It is just the continued instantiation of the Powell Manifesto.

So what are we to do? It is the litmus test time. Only one current prevalent ideology has as its center, the American poor and the American middle-class. Progressives understand that liberal social values and robust middle-class centric economic policies are what create real freedom.

For too long a centered approach to appease a non-existent moderate right was the modus operandi for Democratic Progressives. One must note that even self-described conservative when evaluated on issues are Progressives. America is a Progressive country where many fear admitting so.

Conforming to the Right has given us over 30 years of supply-side economics that has decimated the poor and the middle-class. It has given us policies that negated women’s choice and freedom, as well as the voting rights of many. It has given us less than optimal health care. And with Net Neutrality at risk, it has open the door for virtual oppression with the inability to organize efficiently.

In that light, it is imperative that Progressives get to work during the 2018 and 2020 primaries. A litmus test is a must. Every candidate must come out and tell poor and middle-class Americans in no uncertain terms why they deserve their vote, and what they will do to make their lives better, no double talking to placate the plutocrats they may want to get money from in an expedient manner.

Bernie Sanders proved that Progressives would open their pocketbooks en masse with the little they have to offer. Candidates to the best of their ability should fund from the grassroots to ensure it is the grassroots that they are representing. They must support policies that are sympathetic to the decidedly progressive Brand New Congress Platform and the Justice Democrats Platform.

Progressives must be strategic & opportunistic to make this year an electoral wave
If Progressives want to change America, if Progressives wish to reverse the juggernaut that is effectively destroying the middle-class, it is time to do the work the right way, and to support policies Americans can see will help their everyday lives. Nothing else will convince the voters to give up the status quo. They want folks who will fight for them not only with words but with deeds.

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